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Service Dogs such as the Seizure Alert and Response Dog is a dog that has received training or has learned by constant interaction with a person with epilepsy to recognize signs and symptoms of an epileptic crisis. This type of service dog is able to alert its handler or owner of an upcoming seizure and/or respond after the crisis to protect its handler/owner from harm and inform others that a seizure has occurred and said person may need medical assistance. The usual alerting behaviors of a seizure and response alert dog are to bark, lift its paw, lick, or sit. 


Benefits of a Service Dog

Physiological and Body Effects (Health) Benefits:

  • Studies have shown that even touching an animal can bring upon a positive effect in the human body. Stroking a dog can help lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate and slow respiration. Constant animal-human bonding – petting a dog with whom a relationship has been already established – is more beneficial than petting a dog with whom there is no established relationship. 

  • Dog owners tend to have lower triglyceride, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

  • Dog owners also are generally more physically active, which in turn, can help with weight loss. 

(Sachs-Ericsson and Hansen Merbitz, 2009)

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