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Our company takes inspiration from OBI, an incredible Australian Shepherd medical alert dog who detected seizures and provided crucial support to his owner for 11 years.


This unwavering dedication led us to establish OBI K19, driven by our belief in the remarkable potential of dogs.

Our journey began amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, during which we focused on research and development to create an effective method for COVID-19 detection achieving outstanding results. This experience provided us with a solid foundation of scientific knowledge and research capabilities.

As the pandemic subsided, we transitioned our focus to biodetection in the agricultural sector, specifically targeting the detection of viruses in agriculture. This strategic shift allowed us to leverage our expertise and expand our capabilities in a field of significant importance.

At OBI, we are leading a revolution in the agricultural industry through early virus detection using biodetection dogs.

Committed to improving efficiency and sustainability, we provide an economical, environmentally friendly, and highly efficient alternative.

We are changing the way agriculture is done by helping growers save valuable time and resources through early virus detection, thereby avoiding significant economic losses.

 We take great pride in being at the forefront of disruptive technology in this field.

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