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Based in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, OBI-K19's primary objective is to offer exclusive high-impact canine services based on scientific evidence, cost-effective, and time-saving for the final consumer.


The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a collapse in the health systems of all countries in the world, leading us to seek new and better alternatives for the early detection of this virus.

Our mission is to provide specialized disease bio-detection canine services for mass screening of COVID-19 and other target industries such as disease detection in the agricultural sector. We enhance businesses and organizations screening protocols, protecting personnel, saving costs, and labor by indicating the strategic application of diagnostic tests based on our mass canine screening detection.

The World Health Organization made it clear that conducting strategically planned tests is the basis for breaking the transmission chain. This is why canine bio-detection is a solution for the early detection of the virus, with the precedent that canines are already in use for the detection and alert of other diseases such as malaria and non-infectious conditions such as epilepsy, hypoglycemic attacks, cancer, among others.

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